Beginning September 10, 2016 Rabies 

Vaccination and City 

license prices will go up to $23.00 Due to 

new price 

established by the city for the City License!



Keep your pet indoors for the first 24 hours in a confined area away from other pets and children in a clean environment (quiet, warm and dry).


Restrict your pet activity: no running, jumping, climbing, etc., for 8-10 days.


Your pet may have nausea after surgery. Approximately 4 hours after surgery, offer a small amount of water. 


If there is no vomiting, give a small amount of food that evening, about 25% of their usual meal. Do not be concerned if they don't eat much. 


The next day, you may resume your usual schedule, drinking/eating normal amounts.


Do not bathe your pet for 8 days.


Do not give or use any medications (i.e. pain killers, ointments), these over the counter medications can be toxic. Absorbent sutures are used, so returning for removal is not necessary. You may see a small amount of swelling at the incision site. This is a normal reaction to surgery/sutures. Swelling will subside in 2 weeks.


Keep your pet from licking their incision, they may need an e-collar. Also keep other pets from investigating this pet's incision.


At this time, we do not offer after-hour emergency care or phone calls. 

For emergencies, call an emergency veterinary clinic.


Staff is available during usual clinic hours for post-surgical concerns.  Calls and Voice Mail to 915 407-5314. Our message includes our stops for that week.